These are some pictures of Spelunkers path solution path through the final building: potm.building.

They were generated with a ray-tracing public domain program called POV.RAY: the Persistance Of Vision Ray-Tracer.

The program to take the AIMLESS path and create the commands that drive POV.RAY is called path2pov.c by Robert Morrison - MUCH thanks to Robert for his help! This C program takes the one-line path that the POTM entries output and converts it to commands which the POV.RAY tool understands.
The following are three pictures (from different angles and with different color schemes) of Spelunker's path through the potm.building. This was the building with the hidden message ... the first picture is the best for seeing the message, although you may have to hold your screen upside-down in front of a mirror to get the proper reading ... ah well ...
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