Consolation Awards

As always ... there are consolation awards. Some folks actually try and win these things - perhaps YOU will find your entry wins one of these in the next POTM!

** The most coveted BEST NAME award to Boogie_Woogie_Boggle_Boy
	from Ken Bateman ... surely you youngsters remember
	the tune ... runner-up was HobBoglin from Ted Alper,
	best combination of the Boggle and Halloween themes.

** The best program name never actually used goes to Marianne Saint
	for "VowelMovement" ... this suggestion (and half a
	dozen others) were in the comments of HMSBoggle ... a
	somewhat less exciting choice of name derived from
	the name of Darwin's vessel ... 8*)

** Best attempt to influence the POTM-master by naming their
	program goes to Michael Strauch for HICINBOGGLE

** The BIGGEST EXECUTABLE EVER award to Mike Goldshteyn for the
	executable of BogglesTheMind which weighed in at over
	14 Megabytes ... just a bit over the allowed maximum.

** The BEST BLUFF award to Ken Bateman ... Ken's entry sat atop
	the system test lists for the duration of the POTM with
	a solution he got by running his
	his program for a weekend.		HMTHW
	He placed 16 words for a total		ATEOP
	score of 77 ... the words were:		TNSRV
	and WORDS ... hope it didn't scare too many folks off!!!

** Best header inside the source code goes to:
         * Author:  Corin Anderson
         * E-mail:
         * Entry name:  Coin Toss
         * Song currently in head:  'Under pressure', by Queen.

** The "I DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' TIME CODE" award goes to
	Ramkumar Srinivasan  for INDIAN_MAGIC which
	ran for 4455 seconds before completing the finals!
	Well ... RamKumar resubmitted just before the deadline
	with a much more efficient program ... whew!!!

** The UNDERDOG award to Clark Kent (??) for xyzzy ... this incredible
	entry finished 53rd on the system test run but found
	its way into the top ten on the finals.  Truly a super
	entry.  Truly magical.  And an incredibly good-looking
	pseudo-programmer at the helm.  *and NO, I didn't fix it
	up after I selected the wordist*

** Best "If I had it to do all over - here's what I would try" answer:
	to Shawn Smith (Bozo_TM_Billion_Monkey) who wrote ...
		"to get a life, by not spending so much time in 
		 front of the computer or television."

** BEST PERL ENTRY:    Mifflin from Jon Howell
** BEST JAVA ENTRY:    HobBoglin from Ted Alper
** BEST SHELL ENTRY:   zigzaggle from Hans-Joachim Gurt
			   (ummm ... the ONLY shell entry!)
** BEST .edu ENTRY:    Shake_Rattle_Roll from Hal burch
** BEST .com ENTRY:    Intelligent_Brute_Force from 
			   Dan Gehlhaar
** BEST ENTRY: xyzzy from Clark Kent (hmmmm ...)
** BEST entry: igglobe from Paul Nelson

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