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"The Boxing Match" - The January 1994 Programmer Of The Month (POTM) contest.
		(deadline is midnight of New Year's Day, Sat. 1/1/94)

--------------------------------   THIS IS A SAMPLE ARENA.  32x16 SPOTS.
--------------------------------     (WITH A FEW (o) YOU CAN'T USE)
--------------------------------   YOUR WEAPONS ARE SQUARE BOXES: 1x1, 2x2,
--------------------------------     3x3, 4x4, .... through 16x16
--------------------------------   YOUR OPPONENTS HAVE THE SAME WEAPONS.
---------------o-o--------------   ON YOUR TURN, YOU CAPTURE ONE BOX WORTH
------------------o------------o   OF UNUSED ARENA - THEN YOUR OPPONENTS DO
--oo---------------o------------   THE SAME ON THEIR TURN ...
--oo----------------------------   IF YOU CAPTURE THE LAST SPOT - YOU WIN.
--------------------------------   YOU PLAY, HEAD-TO-HEAD, AGAINST OTHER
------------------------------oo   ENTRANTS - CAN YOU BEAT THEM????

      <---- 32 wide ---->	      ( 16 tall )

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