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The deadline was September 3, 1995. On to the problem:

C H O M P !

This summer, we're eating cookies. Eat a lot of cookies and DON'T eat the last poison cookie and YOU could win the next Programmer Of The Month.
You write a program to play a game      X  O  O  O  O  O  O  O
called "chomp" and play against all     O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O
the other folks who send in programs.   O  O  O  O  *  *  *  *
                                        O  O  O  O  *  *  *  *
Head-to-head, winner-take-all.          O  O  O  O  *  *  *  *
Programs alternately eat a bunch of cookies by choosing a row and column and "eating" everything below and to the right of it. The example above shows a 5x8 starting grid after one chomp at row 3, column 5 that ate 12 cookies. The poison cookie is always in the upper left hand corner. When it's your turn, take a chomp and avoid being the one who is forced to eat the poison cookie. THIS POTM is not original, some research may pay off!

If you want to compete - you'll need the details. Simply send mail to and I'll ship you the details and put you on the weekly status mailing list for this problem. [or, if this bounces:] [or, as a last resort:]

Hope you'll consider having some fun and entering this one!!! Deadline will be 11:59 PM EST on Sunday September 3, 1995 - BUT, as previous participants will tell you - it PAYS to enter early (you can always update your entry!)

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