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This was the SPRING 1996 POTM ... send email to and ask for all the details on the NEXT POTM ...

The deadline for entering was Midnight April 1, 1996 (no foolin')


Make a crossword puzzle from a word list.

I'll provide a list of 100 or so words. I'll tell you how big the square grid will be. Your program will try to link as many words from the wordlist together as possible in "crossword-puzzle" fashion. If you can manage to create the most complex crossword using the words I provide, you may just win the next POTM!

If you want to compete - you'll need the details. Simply send mail to and I'll ship you the details and put you on the weekly status mailing list for this problem. [or, if this bounces:] [or, as a last resort:]

Hope you'll consider having some fun and entering this one!!! Deadline will be 11:59 PM EST on April 1, 1996 - BUT, as previous participants will tell you - it PAYS to enter early to get all the porting problems out of the way (you can update your entry as often as you wish!)

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