Here are the three final wordlists.  The first two lists are
199 words long while german.list is 148 words long.  The lists
were selected from publicly available sources - the words appear
in the order that they appear in the documents, with duplictes
omitted along the way.  The source documents are all from WEB
pages of one sort or another.

worldnet.list is a promotional page for AT&T's new internet service
	called "Worldnet" ... free internet access (5 hours a month
	for a year) ... more info at

plato.list is one of the dialogues of Plato: Timaeus.  This particular
	dialogue contains the first known reference to the lost
	continent of Atlantis - although the reference comes well
	after the 199 words below.

german.list is a list of mathematical resources on the web ... mostly
	in German (which I sought out for it's tendancy to long words).
	I kind of butchered the list by removing all the umlauts so
	it probably does not read that well any more!


=============	=============	===============
key		timaeus		the
reasons		by		world
to		plato		wide
choose		translated	web
att		benjamin	virtual
worldnet	jowett		library
services	persons		german
introduction	of		subject
truly		the		catalogue
portable	dialogue	mathematics
access		socrates	european
internet	critias		mathematical
for		hermocrates	information
both		one		service
no		two		mathematische
matter		three		zeitschriften
how		but		aus
you		where		europa
consumers	my		und
and		dear		spiegel
connect		is		amerikanischer
businesses	fourth		wissenschaftliches
bringing	those		rechnen
together	who		deutschland
broadest	were		department
possible	yesterday	institut
buyers		guests		fur
sellers		and		mathematik
information	are		universitat
providers	entertainers	augsburg
seekers		has		institute
shopping	been		bayreuth
worth		taken		weierstraszlig
going		ill		angewandte
single		for		analysis
email		would		stochastik
online		not		berlin
address		willingly	fachbereich
simple		have		informatik
software	absent		freie
helping		from		deutsche
find		this		mathematiker
choices		gathering	vereinigung
what		then		zib
looking		if		electronic
customer	coming		konrad
care		you		zuse
taking		others		zentrum
risks		must		informationstechnik
out		supply		access
phone		place		software
greater		certainly	libraries
value		do		mathematisches
tell		all		bonn
more		that		braunschweig
about		can		bremen
dedicated	having		fakultat
high		handsomely	chemnitz
speed		entertained	clausthal
your		remain		darmstadt
questions	should		dortmund
comments	only		statistik
back		too		gerhard
home		glad		mercator
page		return		gh
will		your		duisburg
make		hospitality	mathamatik
universally	remember	der
accessible	what		katholischen
easy		points		eichstatt
use		which		erlangen
telephone	required	frankfurt
today		speak		main
we		them		freiberg
useful		remind		giessen
commerce	anything	fuer
people		forgotten	numerische
want		rather		gottingen
control		troubling	dfg
convenience	briefly		sondersammelgebiet
their		recapitulate	mathematik
lives		whole		staats
already		particulars	webis
makes		more		hamburg
it		firmly		halle
users		fixed		www
with		memories	server
they		sure		des
need		chief		fachbereichs
whenever	theme		hannover
wherever	yesterdays	technische
do		discourse	heidelberg
same		was		ilmenau
overcome	constituted	jena
barriers	citizens	anwendungsorientiert
using		composed	forschungszentrum
enhance		seem		julich
experience	likely		kaiserslautern
feature		most		karlsruhe
ease		perfect		informationszentrum
helpful		said		abteilung
navigation	very		literaturdatenbanken
interfaces	much		zentralblatt
degree		did		seminar
personalization	begin		kiel
better		separating	konstanz
guaranteed	husbandmen	koln
security	artisans	leipzig
privacy		class		fakultaet
navigating	defenders	magdeburg
searching	state		mannheim
easier		when		marburg
than		had		bundeswehr
yellow		given		munchen
pages		each		bayerischer
newcomers	single		forschungsverbund
communities	employment	hochleistungsrechnen
interest	suited		informationsquellen
around		nature		munster
diversified	spoke		oldenburg
content		intended	osnabruck
them		warriors	mit
level		they		karte
real		guardians	von
time		city		servern
electronic	against		paderborn
interaction	attacks		rostock
expects		within		saarbrucken
that		well		seite
very		without		fachschaft
close		merciful	stuttgart
relationship	judging		trier
develop		their		tubingen
between		subjects	wuppertal
traditional	whom		wurzburg
telephony	friends		wenn
families	fierce		sie
select		enemies		vorschlage
way		came		eintrage
have		across		diese
chosen		battle		liste
carrier		exactly		haben
offer		mistaken	sind
yet		gifted		augenblick
another		temperament	alphabetisch
communications	high		nach
option		degree		stadten
its		both		sortiert
existing	passionate		
customers	philosophical		
based		ought		
delivering	gentle		
easiest		say		
become		education		
top		trained		
looks		gymnastic		
whether		music		
sitting		sorts		
work		knowledge		
connecting	proper		
through		true		
lan		being		
wireless	thus		
connection	consider		
added		gold		
remember	silver		
login		else		
preferences	own		
hot		private		
lists		property		
done		hired		
edge		troops		
independent	receiving		
machine		pay		
identity	keeping		
becomes		protected		
completely	than		
designed	suffice		
connections	simple		
part		life		
offers		spend		
managed		common		
connectivity	live		
targeted	together		
partnership	continual		
bbn		practice		
planet		virtue		
can		sole		
set		pursuit		
up		also		
operate		neither		
maintain	forget		
has		women		
dns		declared		
embedded	natures		
includes	assimilated		
firewalls	brought		
needed		into		
traffic		harmony		

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