Consolation Awards

As always ... there are consolation awards. Some folks actually try and win these things - perhaps YOU will find your entry wins one of these in "CROZZLE" - the next POTM!
Best Program Name:  To Brace Stout for "muddle_of_the_knight"
	Honorable mentions for "oyster_knight" (a "PERL" of an
	entry from Gary Gressel) and "FeudalExpress" from
	Vincent Goffin.

Best Non-Compiled Entry:  "oyster_knight" from Gary Gressel
	Gary competed in PERL ... and did so quite respectably.
	The fact that Gary's entry was the only entry that wasn't
	in C or C++ may have helped a bit ...

Most Correspondence Award:  To Chad Hurritz ("Lord_Bitish")
	Chad admitted to enjoying this kind of activity even
	before KnightCrawler came along ... he supplied many
	collections of test points and consistently improved
	Lord_Bitish along the way.  Chad also "bounced" the
	most mail ... but there's still lots of bandwidth left,
	and I enjoy hearing from y'all!

The Procrastinator Award: goes to Martin Kealey for "k-thing"
	Martin wrote (on 12/31/95): "This is my POTM entry - sorry 
	it's so close to time - I haven't been able to work on it 
	for the last 2 months until yesterday & today."  Well, it
	turns out that Martin and I resolved most of the porting
	issues with moments to spare ... In fact, since Martin was
	corresponding from New Zealand, he actually got to
	compete AFTER his New Year's party in the early hours of
	1996 (his time) - is this cheating???  I'm pretty sure
	that Martin wins the "Long Distance" award as well - but I
	really am not all that sure where New Zealand is!!!

The Procrastinator Award (part two) to Jim Curran for "up_all_knight"
	With one hour to spare, Jim submitted his first entry - which
	compiled and ran with no problems whatever.

Longest Fall from Grace to David Wales for "K" ... the leader on the
	final round of system tests finished in the second division.
	But "K" DID get to visit all 100 points very quickly!

Fastest Moving Salesman Award to "K" from David Wales
	Number of moves per second .... although "K" only found a
	solution with 456 steps, it only took 0.16 seconds to do it.
	By far the best at 2812.5 steps per second .... 

Slowest Moving Salesman who visited all 100 cities was "veni,vedi,jumpi"
	from P. Frants and S. Pieterse ... 380 steps in 610.08 seconds
	for .6229 steps per second.  

The AWOL award to "to_B_or_to_A" from David Roe
	This particular salesman is STILL out looking for the cities.
	Perhaps when it finishes it will have solved the NEXT POTM!

Largest Executable:  704512 bytes for "to_B_or_to_A" from David Roe.
	Somehow, ALL the C++ executables were considerably larger
	than the C executables ... maybe THAT'S what the plusses do?

Smallest Executable:  4667 bytes for "oyster_knight" fro Gary Gressel.
	The advantages of PERL ....

Smallest Source not counting PERL programs for lurch.c from Phong Vo
	(who also had the shortest name of the competitors)

Most Pleasing Size to Lord_Bitish.c at 22222 bytes.  I think Chad
	Hurritz did it on purpose.

Largest Team to Enter:  Peter Frants and Seppo Pieterse for veni,vedi,jumpi
	Of course, since they are the ONLY team to enter they usually
	win this award every time!  (I know both Randy "Horsey" Saint and
	George "SaintGeorge" Newsome have help at home - but this was the
	only true team entry)

Sneakiest Team to Enter:  once again to Peter and Seppo, who held back
	their REAL "veni,vedi,jumpi" entry until the last minute.

Largest Team NOT to enter:  the O.J. defense team once again neglected
	to submit an entry.

Best WEB pages:  the new improved POTM pages that now contain old problem
	descriptions you can actually get to (now that I've debugged them
	a bit!)  Check them out at:   if you're INSIDE AT&T  for the USofA  for Europe

Worst POTM-Master:  to ME because I STILL haven't gotten good pictures
	of the trophy out to previous non-USA winners ... a faux-pas which
	is soon to be rectified.
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