****** P O W E R S A W ******
(deadline is 11:59 PM EST September 18, 1999)

I bought a new powersaw. I immediately went to the garage and found a square piece of wood. AHA (thought I), I will try out my saw. I made a perfectly straight cut and two pieces fell to the floor - they had different shapes and sizes since I was quite arbitrary about how my cut was made. I wondered if another cut could give me pieces which all had the same area (I'm weird like that). For the next POTM, YOU can wonder about planning cuts in my wood that will result in pieces with the same area. I'LL draw the line for the first cut, then your program can plan the rest of the cuts.

There ARE other constraints and rules you'll need to know about, and you should read the LONG PROBLEM STATEMENT if you're interested in competing.

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