QUILTS Consolation Awards

As always ... there are consolation awards. Some folks actually try and win these things - perhaps YOU will find your entry wins one of these in the next POTM!
* The coveted "BEST NAME" award to "Quilt_by_Association" from Randy Saint
	Apparently Randy's wife Marianne is again responsible for
	the naming of the entry.  I think I may have to declare
	a tournament of champions for program names just so that
	I'm not forced to award the same folks every time!

* Most cryptic program name to "deCoubertin" from Giorgio DiFalco
	Perhaps there is a super-quilter named deCoubertin out
	there somewhere ... but I can't find him or her!
	POTM-MASTER ADDENDUM ... I have since been informed that
	Pierre de Coubertin revived the Olympic games (originally
	an ancient Greek POTM :). His famous motto is "It's not 
	important to win, it's important to participate". 

* STRANGEST program name to Carrion_Chameleon from Boris Bulayev          
	Is it possible I'm missing something???  

* BEST PERL entry: knit_1 from Rocco Caputo

* BEST SHELL entry: ugleeee from Fred Hicinbothem
	(This clown really needs to learn a real programming
	 language some day)

* BEST JAVA entry: Steppdecke from Jim Rothenberger

* BEST OUT-OF-THE-BOX Solution from Bernard Hatt (needle)
	who suggested we might all be better served by
	first using a package of dye on the squares.

	via the POTM Message Board ... Bill suggested using a
	digitized picture of my Grandmother for the final
	problem ... I wish I'D thought of that!

* BEST SNAKE QUILT from Bernard Hatt (an early version of needle)
	who managed to generate a 36x1 quilt from the system
	test problem.

* BEST "what do you do for fun?" ANSWER from Ramkumar Srinivasan
	Ram's favorite pastime:  "sleep ... the dreams i
	 get are more thrilling than a Blockbuster movie."

* MOST BLATENT SOLICITATION is from Randy Saint who wants us all
	to see  http://www.c-com.net/~saint/contests/ ... a page
	with some pointers to other contests that may interest you.

* WHO'S LOOKING FOR WORK????  Trieu Nguyen (trieu@ix.netcom.com)
	writes:  "Student. Senior level. UC Berkeley. Looking 
	for a job for next year ..."

* BEST QUOTE FROM A SEVENTH PLACE FINISHER to Kris Kenis (scrabble_gambler)
	"The winner of this POTM problem is not the one with 
	the "best" program, but the one who has the most luck! 
	So, my program is a "lucky" program with almost no intelligence etc."

* The "WHEW" award goes to our winner Ben Nye ...
	Unbeknownst to Ben, he was leading our little contest.  Then,
	at 11:58 PM on the final day of the contest, Ben sent his
	"final update".  Luckily for Ben, both entries found a 29x30
	quilt so he didn't fall out of first place.  (BTW - his earlier
	entry had only 19 colors on the border, but the tiebreakers
	proved irrelevant.)

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