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This was the 12/96 POTM ... send email to and ask for all the details on the NEXT POTM ...

The deadline for entering was November 30, 1996


My car dashboard (and probably yours) has two mile-measuring things on it:

A) an odometer that measures how many miles my car has traveled 
	since it was born;

        [_][_][_][_][_][_]       <-- this is A

B) a "trip" odometer that measures how many miles the car has
	traveled since I last reset it to zero by pushing a button.

              [_][_][_][_]  *    <-- this is B  (* is the reset button!)

   the button works fine ... and resets B to 0000 when I push it.
   (I had it fixed since the original odometer problem in 1993!)

Well, I often look at my dashboard, and the other day it looked like:

          1  2  3  4  5  6           (total miles travelled)
                1  3  6  2  *        (miles since last reset)

The numbers on top  were all different.  I was truly amazed but 
disappointed that those on the bottom were not "7890".  Obviously,
I should have hit the reset button back at 115566 ... but I didn't.

So, when should I NEXT press the reset to make 10 different numbers
appear at the earliest possible time???  When it wasn't obvious
how to figure this out ... I thought this might be worthy of a POTM!

You'll be given a bunch of starting points (A mileages) and asked to
find when to reset to achieve the earlist possible point at which ten
different digits appear on the odometers.

Your C, C++, PERL, JAVA, or SHELL program will read a file of starting
odometer readings and you will output a corresponding set of mileages.
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