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THE IDES OF MARCH POTM ... Deadline for entries is midnight 03/15/94.

One day, while doing some cleaning, I accidentally spilled my Scrabble
letters into a 5x5 plastic grid that happened to be laying about.  Much
to my amazement, the letters all fell right side up.  I was even more
amazed when I noticed that the fourth line spelled out "DSQDL" - an
acronym of a project abandoned early in my "career".

	P O T M S	Hmmm, I said to myself.  There may be the
	R U L E T	seed of an idea here!  If only I could
	I R O N Y	write a program to make 5x5 word squares
	D S Q D L	out of Scrabble letters.  But alas, the
	E T U D E	wisdom required was beyond my means.

But surely YOU, the cream of the programming community, will find this
a most suitable challenge for your skills!

From the pool of 98 Scrabble letters (no blanks), your task will be to
create a 5x5 word square with 25 of the tiles.  Your word square will
be evaluated according to how many valid 4 and 5 letter words are contained
in the square.  I will provide, at run time, the file of valid 4 and 5
letter words - do NOT assume they will be actual English words!

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