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deadline: september, 1994

The story this summer is those old style letter substitution puzzles like:

			  S E N D
			+ M O R E
			M O N E Y

The task is to figure out what digit each of the letters stands for.
In the above example, if the letter "O" stands for zero, the letter
"M" stands for one, "Y" for two, "E" for 5, "N" for 6, "D" for 7,
"R" for 8, and "S" for 9 - then the substitutions make a valid
addition problem with a correct answer.  A solution is given by:

		 SEND	 9567		letter = S E N D M O R Y
		+MORE	+1085		 digit = 9 5 6 7 1 0 8 2
		=====	=====
		MONEY	10652

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