SUITCASE Final Standings


        Alex Huysegoms  for  movemovemove 


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Here's the results of the final run:

FINAL RESULTS			      33 have entered
			     194 have asked for details.
			    1817 are on the mailing list!

Surprisingly, none of the entries found the best solution
for all five problems ... which would have given a score
of 43 points (6+8+20+8+1).  Overall, the fourth problem
seemed to give the most trouble, with only three entries
finding the best score of 8 moves.  Of course, I can't 
prove these are the "best" possible, only the "best" that
any of the entries found!

At any rate - I'm off on vacation beginning November 1st,
and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get all the email and
site updates done before I go.  Again, congratulations
to Alex for winning the most difficult POTM so far - and
with a PERL program (confirming a personal hypothesis that
good algorithms make for strong entries)!  A special thanks 
to all who participated in the POTMs over the years.

(missed prob)    ENTRY     SCORE    TIME    LANG  NAME
    --------------------- ------   ------   ----  --------------------
             movemovemove    45    2891.79  PERL  Alex Huysegoms
                  PackMan    46    1812.92     C  Kevin Burfitt
               Huckermuck    48     894.21    gC  Michael Schatz
        LastMinutePacking    58    2163.83    gc  Ben Glasson

 ***(3)      Plent-o-Room  1026      699.7    gC  Guillermo Sais
 ***(3)    Heavy_Suitcase  1026    1720.87    gc  Brian Roberts
 ***(4)         Bagpacker  1034    1125.45    gC  Michael Strauch
 ***(1)          Pack_Rat  1036    1534.54    gC  Jeffrey Fielding
 ***(5!!)     LostLuggage  1041    1121.89    gC  Gunnar Andersson

           BrickOfTheTail  2014    2216.46     C  Vitaliy Pavlyuk
              SuitsYouSir  2015    2396.09    gC  Joe Smith
                   Mosaic  2016    1207.51    gC  Igor Volkov
           CarryOnLuggage  2025      55.32    gC  Jeff Stone
                     suit  2027    2952.87    gC  Raghavan Viswanathan
                   PackIt  3004    2127.16    gC  Janis Sermulins
                  shuffle  3004    2355.05    gc  Bernard Hatt
               All_in_One  3004    2982.52    gC  Ionel Santa
                SpaceCase  3007     859.02  JAVA  Murray Lowery-Simpson
  JustAnotherPettyProblem  3007    1506.02    gC  Madhu M_Kurup
               CaseClosed  3017    2870.72    gC  Michael Weber
         simple_recurtion  3996    3383.73     c  Jonathan Corriveau
           Matrix_Captain  3997       0.05    gC  The Matrix_Captain
           Excess_Babbage  3997       0.07    gC  Randy Saint
              FordPrefect  3997    2542.13    gC  Madhu Kurup
                 FordIkon  3997    2639.33    gC  Madhu Kurup
               FordEscort  3997    2639.45    gC  Madhu Kurup
               PuffNStuff  4002    1821.25    gC  Douglas Jones
                  Montana  4995       1.67  JAVA  POTM Junkie
                  Packcat  4995      16.83  JAVA  John Chamberlain
             Coconut_Tree  4995     905.97    gC  Oliver Peres
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