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The description of the current problem
The status of the current contest
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Some common information for most POTMs

Once every couple of months, The POTM-Master poses some kind of problem that can be solved with a program of some sort. (We currently support C, C++, PERL, JAVA, Scheme48, Python, and UNIX shells/tools of various sorts plus translators for Pascal and Fortran.)

Folks from all around the world mail in their source code and their results are compared. After breaking all the ties, a winner is declared and they get custody of the famous rotating POTM trophy until the next contest.

It is for FUN ... nothing more, nothing less. It started as a contest for AT&T folks, and (since 1993) has grown to a global community of close to 2000 people from various companies and universities. Anyone who can get email to me can participate!!! Get on the mailing list and make sure you hear about each new problem - even if you don't ever enter, you may enjoy hearing about the problems. Email me at and I'll put you on the mailing list!

Our sponsors are AT&T, the Fast Features, Applications, and Services Technology (FFAST) Division and the Operations Technology Center (OTC). I really do owe some thanks to these folks and my enlightened management (they made me say that) ... HERE is why I do this ...

An article in Russian from CompuTerra Magazine GEEK SITE OF THE DAY for 12/19/96 - our very first (and last??) award!!!! GIVE US MORE!!!!