P E G G E D .... the first 1997 POTM

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This was the 12/96 POTM ... send email to fah@potm.ffast.att.com and ask for all the details on the NEXT POTM ...

The deadline for entering was November 30, 1996

I'm sure most of you have seen puzzles made of wood or plastic that have a bunch of pegs in holes. Usually you are required to remove pegs by "jumping" them with other pegs until there is only one peg left - usually in the middle. Every couple of years I re-discover one of these puzzles and I can never remember how to solve it. So I decided to make a POTM out of it.

I'll give you an input file describing where the holes and pegs are. Your program will generate a series of moves and jumps (only certain moves and jumps are allowed) that leaves a single peg on the board. Your program can be C, C++, PERL, JAVA, awk, or shells of various kinds.

Winners will be judged on the fewest number of moves and/or jumps.


Deadline for sending a program is midnight on April 1, 1997 (no foolin')
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