Congratulations to Gerhard Lutz at the University of Ulm (Germany) for his winning entry. VISIT Gerhard's Home Page!

Links for your pleasure (and diagrams/applets below!)

The Consolation Prizes
Summary of All Entries as Supplied by Authors
Pointers to The Code of Selected Entries
A text file with the final board definitions
Short version of the problem.
Long version of the problem.
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DO NOT MISS THIS Special for PEGGED: Applets to "SEE" the best solutions are below! (Wait for the download - it's worth it)

The links on this page will each load a simple Java applet that will allow you to see the best solutions for each of the system test problems in action!

You might want to try the smallest sample board first to get a sense of how fast (or slow) the applets will run ... if your browser doesn't support Java applets, the best you can do is right click on the pictures to see what the final test boards looked like.

The boards available are:


FINAL BOARD 1: smiley

FINAL BOARD 2: ruler

FINAL BOARD 3: killer

Boards 1-3 are the three final test boards. The solution displayed is the best solution that was found by all the finalists - in this case the program supplying all three solutions was PegTheSnail by Gerhard Lutz - this month's POTM winner.
Board 4 is the final system test - it contains 70 pegs and the solution shown was the only entry to find a 70 move solution: ePeg by Paul Leventis ...

Each board will execute an applet when you click on it. Each applet is created using the following steps:
  1. A "C" PROGRAM is executed to read the board definition file and the solution file. This program generates some Java data initialization statements.
  2. These initialization statements are combined with the java source that displays everything.
  3. The combined source is compiled, an an applet is created which is referenced by the HTML page you select above.
As with everything in the POTM, feel free to steal the JAVA source and do whatever you want with/to it. Credit the POTM if you want, but nobody is really checking!
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