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This was the December 1998 POTM ... send email to potm@att.com and ask for all the details on the NEXT POTM ...

The deadline for entering was 12/13/98 ...

Grandma's Quilts

While going through my late grandmother's trunk, I found several hundred small squares (about 6 inches by 6 inches) of material. She had apparently been planning to sew them together to make a quilt. Each square had a distinct color on each of its 4 sides. Obviously, she had intended to arrange the squares so that the sides next to one another were of the same color.

I sat down to try and arrange the small squares into as large a quilt as possible ... but it was TOO HARD for me so I've decided to appeal to the POTM community for some help. I'll give your program a description of the squares, and your program will arrange them into as large a quilt as possible!