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Here you can find the and descriptions of all the old POTM problems, along with the and some of the best submitted. Find out about the used by the participants and who won the prizes. All you gotta do is click ...

The history ...

10/2K: SUITCASE won by Alex Huysegoms Fit an item into a suitcase
05/2K: PAHTUM won by Gunnar Andersson Place X's and O's on a board to form lines
12/99: WORDSEARCH won by Jaco Cronje Find words in a grid of letters
09/99: POWERSAW won by Pavel Ouvarov and Frederic van der Plancke Cut a board into equal size pieces
05/99: MOO won by Frederic van der Plancke Guess the word I'm thinking of
12/98: QUILTS won by Ben Nye Construct a quilt from multi-colored squares
6/98: SCENIC TOUR won by Chad Hurwitz Find the shortest and longest paths across a terrain map
2/98: ELBONIA LOTTERY won by Doug Jones Buy minimum number of tickets to guarantee a win in a 7-ball lottery
10/97: INVERSE BOGGLE won by Tim Ruhl fit as many words as possible into a 5x5 square using Boggle rules
06/97: SHOWDOWN was a tie between Mike Anderson and Don Kirkby head-to-head competition to reach the opponents home base
04/97: PEGGED won by Gerhard Lutz a peg-jumping game - remove all the pegs from the board
12/96: RESET won by the team of Bill Burley and Arthur Goldstein making your odometer show all different numbers
08/96: AIMLESS won by Mihai Badoiu wander through a 10 story building and try to go everywhere
04/96: CROZZLE won by Franz Korntner create a crossword puzzle from a word list
01/96: KNIGHTCRAWLER won by Chad Hurwitz traveling salesman and a knight's tour
09/95: CHOMP won by Andre Wilhelmus programs compete against each other to eat cookies from a checkerboard
05/95: LOYD won by Stan Peijffers solve a sliding number pocket puzzle
01/95: PRIME TIME won by Allan WIlks find prime numbers in a boggle-square
09/94: SEND MORE MONEY won by Bill Tanenbaum solve word addition problems by substituting numbers for letters
06/94: SHUFFLE, CUT, AND FLIP won by Jim Roche unshuffle a deck of cards
03/94: SCRABBLE SQUARE won by Neil Weinstock make words from scrabble letters
01/94: BOXING MATCH won by Palith Balakrishnabati programs compete to capture area in the playing area
10/93: ODOMETER FUN won by Vincent Goffin make a straight from your odometer
08/93: MR. NOISE won by Scott Kennedy spellchecker for numbers
06/93: CATS AND DOGS won by Julius Collins change a letter at a time to change one word to another
03/93: AMAZING MAZE won by Debbie Brown solve a maze in the shortest number of moves
01/93: NUMBERS GAME won by David Thomson programs compete to subtract numbers without reaching zero

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There were a few before 1993 ... when the contest was very local. But I'm holding these back since I may end up using them in the future!

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