The original POTM ran from January 1993 to November of 2000 with a total of 27 contests. The POTM-master then took a break and this site attempted to continue the tradition for a while. Now (August, 2004) the POTM-master is considering a revival if there is sufficient interest. The new POTM home will be at http://dinsights.com/POTM ... please bookmark it and visit to register for the next contest!


The description of the last (11/2000) problem - SUITCASE!
The status of the last contest
The list of winners so far
Previous POTM problems
Some common information for most POTMs

Once every couple of months, The POTM-Master poses some kind of problem that can be solved with a program of some sort. I'll support most non-compiled languages - including perl, awk, shell, and pretty much anything that lives on the Linux box hosting the new site. (The pre-2000 POTM supported several compiled languages, but I no longer have that capability.)

Folks from all around the world send me their code and their results are compared. After breaking all the ties, a winner is declared and they get custody of the famous rotating POTM trophy until the next contest.

It is for FUN ... nothing more, nothing less. It started as a contest for AT&T folks, and (since 1993) has grown to a global community of close to 2000 people from various companies and universities. Anyone who can get email to me can participate!!! Get on the mailing list and make sure you hear about each new problem - even if you don't ever enter, you may enjoy hearing about the problems. Email me (updated 08/2004) and I'll put you on the mailing list!