This is the famous rotating POTM trophy. Rumors to the effect that it is an old bowling trophy with a 5x7 picture frame on it are COMPLETELY unfounded. A POTM winner gets temporary custody of this thing until they have to give it up to the next winner. (Unless they happen to live outside the USA - then they only get a picture!)

Alex Huysegoms
Gunnar Andersson
Jaco Cronje
Pavel Ouvarov and
   Frederic van der Plancke

Frederic van der Plancke
Ben Nye
Chad Hurritz
Doug Jones
Tim Ruhl
Mike Anderson / Don Kirkby
Gerhard Lutz
W.Burley & A.Goldstein
Mihai Badoiu
Franz Korntner
Chad Hurritz
Andre Wilhelmus
Stan Peijffers
Allan Wilks
Bill Tanenbaum
Jim Roche
Neil Weinstock
Palith Balakrishnabati
Vincent Goffin
Scott Kennedy
Julius Collins
Debbie Brown
David Thomson

And there they are ... the previous winners. Since you have seen the champions, you are now entitled to see the problems they solved ... click here to see

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